Who we are

It’s morning. Our sunny garden is a meeting place for the elderly enjoying fresh air and working with their fingers in the soil, and for kindergarten children shouting with joy. Everyone does what they enjoy, being there for the other at the same time.

This is a perfect reflection of our Christian values-based Eluringikeskus. Just as in the outdoor area, elderly adults in need of care and active kindergarten children live and function side by side in our building.

Eluringikeskus is a hospitality filled home where everyone is cared about, with a holistic approach based on the needs of the body, soul and spirit. We support people’s desire to live life to the full. To this end, our dedicated and service-minded team provides tailor-made care to everyone.

British nurse and social worker Cicely Saunders has said that even if we cannot add days to people’s lives, we can add life to their days. We also dream that every day spent at the Eluringikeskus is meaningful.

Alongside care, the following is essential for one’s personal recovery:

We believe that each person needs valuable relationships. No one is left alone in Eluringikeskus. An environment and activities that foster interaction create a sense of belonging with the people around, while also helping to stay in touch with one’s family and loved ones. With us, personalities, life stories and generations meet.

We believe that there is always hope and a life that is worth living is possible. We help to find hope, offering pastoral care. We see life in bright colours. We see in each other the good that might be difficult for people to see in themselves.

We believe that all people are equal and need a personal approach. Every one of our residents and employees knows who they are, what they are good at and what they dream of. We help everyone to use and develop their strengths to the best of their ability, both for themselves and for others.

We believe that it is possible to live meaningfully at any point in life. We help you make sense of your life here and now. We encourage everyone to take action to the best of their abilities and, upon opportunities, invest in others.

We believe that people must remain free to choose and decide. Having a say in issues concerning one’s life and health – be it a resident’s care and treatment plan, a daily schedule or room design – gives you vigour. We help as much as necessary, but as little as possible. No one is left inactive.