The activities in Eluringikeskus

In providing care and nursing services, we are guided by the principles of Christian love of neighbour and a personal approach.
In addition to physical and medical care, we support the development of a sense of belonging, self-discovery, finding hope and vitality, and giving meaning to life.

Our people have time to interact with the residents on a daily basis. We help everyone to use and develop their strengths and skills to the best of their ability, both for themselves and for others.

We have a small library, newspapers and magazines, daily chats, board games, memory exercises, film and music evenings.

Together with the kindergarten children, we celebrate important holidays and take time to work in the garden, exercise and sing. We develop physical abilities in the gym, exercise group and under the guidance of a physiotherapist.

There is a pastoral counsellor at Eluringikeskus who you can talk to and pray with if you wish. Everyone also has the opportunity to attend the Sunday worship services and fellowship groups in the local congregation.